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Leader and Instructor Degree 3

After several years of practice in fighting sports and self defense, Adrien SIWIEC meets Aaron ELBAZE (developer of the OKM system). Shortly, he will be appointed as the OKM deputy in Alsace. Then, few years later, he will folloz his head instructor Aaron ELBAZE in the system’s emancipation which has become today the Operative Israeli System. His seriousness, skill and professionalism are in time recognized around our region. He has trained numbers of student since all these years, and few articles and reports have been made about his school.
Always in search of improving his professionalism, Adrien SIWIEC keeps on learning and training in parallel : “Knowing how to provide a training is one thing, to understand it and explain it is another”
Adrien develops a new training style, without stereotypes ; he execute different exercises that he is validating bw his head instructor Aaron ELBAZE. Adrien is also the only one in our region to be trained both in France and Israël : when others are talking about sport club, he is insisting on a complete training addressed to civilians and professionals.
He is State graduate of Krav Maga from Israel and obtained it inside the Wingate (Netanya) under the direction of Avi AVISIDON.
It is really important to check the credibility of each instructors providing Krav Maga courses without being certified or only with other martial arts certification.

„I am not a dream seller: one does not joke with the security of the people trusting us…“ Because of his reliability and skills, he is in charge of developping the system in Switzerland.


Instructor degree 1

Seeking for skills improvement of my self-confidence and my independence, I have practiced combat sports and then krav maga before integrating the OIS krav maga. I came here for the realism, humility and pragmatism imposed by the operational field. This is the system which I judge to be able to stop an aggression. The key word is to avoid conflicts, but to be able to respond to it with force, determination and rapidity if it is necessary to. The main aspect is not the number of hours spent in training but the determination and the mind dedicated to avoid injuries when I deal with a dangerous situation. The OIS quickly becomes a mentality and a way of life.

Daniel Harnist


Initiator OIS Krav Maga

Learning to surpass oneself in a practice where physical, mental and defensive effort and operativity are intimately linked: these are the values that Daniel came to find in the OIS Krav Maga.

Always in search of reality and truth, the techniques taught are capable of echoing in each of us: these are situations to which we can all be exposed. To each problem its solution and to each situation its resolution as simple, fast and efficient as possible. Immediate results.

More than just a sporting activity, OIS is becoming a mentality. Pragmatism, rigour, but also sharing and mutual aid within a group that is always united and becomes a family in its own right.


Assistant Instruktor

Claire starts Krav Maga OIS classes in 2013 with teenage classes and then joins the adult classes a year later. In 2015, in view of the seriousness of his work and his desire to transmit, he was offered to attend children’s classes. It is the teaching of the youngest that partly allows Claire to improve her technical skills and develop her pedagogy.

She began her career as an instructor in 2017 with her first instructor training course during which she validated the first part of her diploma.

No one is immune to violence in today’s society and it is for this reason that Claire wanted to embark on the teaching of OIS Krav Maga. The retransmission of defence techniques, especially to the youngest, is essential today and simple actions can save lives. It is with this idea in mind that Claire strives to give the best to the students of EKM3F. She continues her training by following the different courses and trainings of OIS Krav Maga.

Franco RIZZO

Assistant Instructor

In my work I have to cope with aggresion and violence regularly. More than the physical reinforcement and mind balance brought by the OIS krav maga system, it helps me every day to keep my composure and stay calm during tricky situations. The OIS system enables me to be ready to react in front of violence.

This system has finally been taught for two years in Switzerland. It is the most open minded and constantly updated method to bring the best solution to deal with physical involvements of any kind.

I would be glad to share my entusiasm about this useful self defense method. My motto: learn from each other and improve our knowledge.



OIS Training Center
J.J.-Balmer-Str. 1
4053 Basel / Gundeli