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The basics of self-defense
This class, brings the basis and foundations of self-defense. The students learn basic stances and combative movements used in the OIS Krav Maga. Fundamental self-defense principles applicable to an everyday life are also taught.

A complete program
It covers the full program divided in modules all year long, and allows the most experienced as well as the least experienced to progress on already acquired technics, learn new ones or assimilate updates of the system. Work with weapons and stress situations are fully part of the training sessions.

We offer an innovative learning approach
Working with different levels partners provides a more efficient and realistic progression, even for the most advanced practitioners.


Assaults with weapons mit Waffen werden immer häufiger…
Armed assaults are becoming more and more. These weapons are of any type, conventional (knives, sticks, handgun or carbine length) as well as by destination. Any object can transform to a weapon in the hand of an aggressor, who nowadays does not dare anymore to come empty handed.

To face this growing and alarming threat, the “Weapons Training” course has been put in place: during 1 hour weekly, open to all, it will teach you how to face these situations against one or several armed aggressor with a dedicated work on weapons technics, on both the corresponding defenses and being able to handle the weapon afterwards.


It is the merge of combat and tactic specific to the OIS fighting approach.
It designates the OIS fighting method that provides students with an extended technical portfolio of fighting with protections or without, regulated or not, armed or not, but always following security rules in regards of physical integrity of the students.

you will find a good balance between intensity and technicality. Its purpose is to develop apprehension, sharpen the eye, body hardening, will strengthtening and fighting mind building.


Where it all began: OIS Krav Maga’s birthplace!
Thus, you would be able to get a better picture of our system and understand the background which lead to its development. The Operative Israeli System Alsace offers a “Training Camp” program of variable time (a week, 10 days or more). During this program, intensive trainings will be provided by experts from the security field scheduled for 8 hours of training per day, in a particular and unexpected scope.

Both in individual exercises or with partners, in different situations such as standing, sitting, against multiple attackers, etc., as close as possible to reality. Men and women train together in the technical training sessions, but also in the combat exercises, as can happen on the road.

We bring you an innovative vision on the teaching way
With our instruction you can learn and understand new concepts quicker, but it allows also to evolve on our own. We are not looking for stereotyped students; every one is unique, and we want our students to progress and improve their own way.



OIS Training Center
J.J.-Balmer-Str. 1
4053 Basel / Gundeli