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Final Fantasy VI - Guide and Walkthrough - Android - By

For Final Fantasy VI on the Android Guide and Walkthrough by TheDarkPope.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Guide and Walkthrough - Saturn

Though they usually run away before you could defeat them the party can get 6500 experience points if you're lucky enough to defeat one! When you reach the top of Taben's Peak

Final Fantasy VI - Guide and Walkthrough - iOS (iPhone

They may be good but they don't go into enough detail) 2) I was making MANY other guides for this very game and I figured: Why not just make a walkthrough and combine everything into

Final Fantasy Anthology - Guide and Walkthrough

This ability is only available after you regain her into your party after destroying the Magitek factory. When Terra morphs her attack and magic power are increased by 50% and her ATB

New PC Video Game Releases - Page 11 - Metacritic

Upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one in the garage. This game is set in a star system far from Earth about 1000 years in the future. Humanity achieved great technological advantages and

Final Fantasy VI - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation

----- (6) Magitek Factory When you reach Albrook buy some new weapons armor and relics (the best available) then gain a few levels outside. Use the Espers to learn some magic spells

Icewind Dale: The Ultimate Collection - Guide and

That said the best dual-class combo is the Fighter dual- class as it stiffens up any other class prior to dual-classing. For this you only really need nine Fighter levels to get the best

Metal Max 3 - Walkthrough - DS - By Half-Hearted - GameFAQs

Return back to the Factory Ruins and complete your original mission for going there in the first place; to hunt Yumoboma! Make your way to the central area of the factory again and this

Final Fantasy Anthology - Guide and Walkthrough

If you're playing Final Fantasy Anthology on the PlayStation don't worry about this section. Top window: 2 word slots Top option: Jobu (Jobs): this is where the game's main

Xenogears - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation - By

Kislev Weapon Factory ----- X5122 23. Known as a gentle doctor and advisor who likes to tinker with machines his true identity and origin from the Sacred Empire of Solaris are closely

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Guide and Walkthrough

Say you have 50 AP and do 1 Weapon attack (7 AP) and 1 Melee attack (6 AP) you'll have 37 AP remaining to do anything else you want (50-13 = 37). You can only input 4 commands per

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