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Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version - Boss Guide

PlantMan HP: 1000 Net Operator: Anetta Attacks: Rose Needle (50 dmg) Plant Weed (40 dmg) Element: Wood Weak Against: Fire Prizes: Zenny PlantMan's Rose Needle is a pretty

Sly 2: Band of Thieves - Guide and Walkthrough

Use the semi-broken bridge to the east to reach a locale from which all three remaining plants can be seen. Also visible should be a tall white-ish tower with vines sticking out in every

Mass Effect 2 Guide and Walkthrough - Giant Bomb

Introduction. Hello and welcome to our Mass Effect 2 Megaguide. This will be your companion throughout the game providing you with anything and everything you need to know be it skill

Resident Evil 2 - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation - By

A muta-genic virus has broken loose and the entire town is infested. Blood-thirsty zombies hideous mutations now overwhelm the community. Plants : Found later on in the game near the

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm - Guide and Walkthrough

Back on the Leviathan I changed out Kerrigan's crushing grip power for her chain lightning because the way I'm going to be playing this mission we're not going to need it too

Final Fantasy X-2 - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation 2

In an encounter with a chocobo feed it with a Gyschal Green once all enemies are defeated. As a result the chocobo will be captured and put (automatically) in one of the stables of

Giant Bombcast

Well fine you can also hang around for our favorite hangover avoidance strategies. Giant Bombcast 09/30/2014 It's an Irish invasion as GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer joins us to

Croc 2 - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation - By Syonyx

Now the rocks that the helpful Gobbo told you to feed to the plant are lying around its base. Watch the pattern of its tentacle whips and run in to pick up a rock when it's safe.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Guide and

It really isn't though because the three grey plants can be destroyed in only two hits each. If you go left before reaching the three plants and then go up you will reach a red pool.

Road Rash - Guide and Walkthrough - PC - By Arguro - GameFAQs

750/1100 cc Banzai Super Sport “Middleweight on steroids the Super Sport is Banzai’s 1100 power plant stuffer into a 750 chassis. Price = $29998 Horse Power = 140 Weight = 450 pounds

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm - Guide and Walkthrough

Just follow the path. It is basically a tutorial on using a couple of Kerrigan's special abilities. You will be able to unlock more special abilities for her later in the game. -

Wizardry 8 - Guide and Walkthrough - PC - By Guilersk

At the west end of this passage is a stairway back up to Marten's Bluff. Head up and use the lever to open up a hatch and you will find yourself outside of Marten's Bluff behind

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